This 1990 movie is the true story of spiritual martyrs Michael and Margretha Sattler who were put to death by the Catholic Church in 1527 because of their beliefs.     It is also the story of a deep love between two people who shared the same beliefs, and who had the inner courage to follow those beliefs knowing they could die for them.   Michael and Margaretha Sattler were Anabaptists who lived in the time of the Protestant Reformation. They were considered heretics by the Catholic church and outlaws by the Protestants. Even though they had to preach their message in caves and barns to avoid detection, they managed to thrive.     Please enjoy your visit as you discover the movie, the characters and the history.       
The Radicals Movie
A website dedicated to the film and the actors, with in-depth information on the historical characters they portrayed and the spiritual movement they believed in.
Featuring  Norbert Weisser  as Michael Sattler    Leigh Lombardi as Margaretha Sattler Mark Lenard as Eberhard Hoffman Michael tells Margaretha that he is leaving the church and wants her to marry him and go away with him,
Norbert Weisser as Michael Sattler
The Radicals is a 1990 Sisters and Brothers production, distributed by Vision Video.
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“Plague and famine have taken their toll. We are doing them little favor to save them from the Turk’s sword to crush them with our taxes.”  -- Michael Sattler
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