Wilhelm Reublin and Ulrich Zwingli
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The council rules that anyone who is not in compliance with this new ruling shall be imprisoned, put to hard labor and have limited rations. However, the Anabaptists continue with their beliefs and start to rebaptize each other as adults.
Wilhelm Reublin left the priesthood, and with the backing of the peasants, he thought he could overthrow the corrupt church and replace it with a true church --  not  just reformed, but restored to the principles of scripture. The Protestants may have broken away from Rome, but they still followed many of their practices. He began his efforts while Michael Sattler still collected taxes at St. Peter’s Monastery. The early Anabaptists believed that Ulrich Zwingli, the Pastor in Zurich and a Protestant, was an ally who would support their belief that only adults should be baptized. Zwingli had seemed to indicate that he would be someone who would go along with their cause. However, after Reublin and his followers meet with him in Zurich to get his support, he changes his mind after he discusses it with his council. The outcome of that meeting is that the Radicals, or Anabapists, are considered outlaws and are banished from the region.
Reublin and his followers head to a church to stop such a baptism, and disrupt the service. They state that Christ never baptized infants and that it is wrong to do so because baptism should be an adult choice. When Zwingli offers a public debate so the issue of infant baptism can be discussed, Reublin’s men argue that change should not be guided by the city council, only scripture. Reublin argues that instead of Rome, they have a council which demands their tithes. As George Blaurock and the others listen with approval, Reublin argues that he sees little difference in the Catholic beliefs and those of the Protestants because they follow the same practices. As Reublin and his men await a decision, Zwingli tells the council that if their concern is to appease Rome then they shouldn’t have broken away in the first place. He cautions that the issue with the Anabaptists goes beyond infant baptism alone -- they threaten their ability to govern Zurich. When the council returns with their decision, they proclaim that infant baptism will still be done. The Radicals are now outlaws and have eight days to leave all territories within the council’s jurisdiction. Anyone not in compliance shall be imprisoned and put to hard labor with bread and water as rations.
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