The Conflict and Anabaptists
A Sisters and Brothers Production
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When Zwingli offers a public debate so the issue of infant baptism can be discussed, Reublin’s men argue that change should not be guided by the city council, only scripture. 
The Radicals, as outlaws, meet and discuss their next course of action, avowing to not let Zwingli and his council silence them.
George Blaurock and the others listen with approval at Reublin’s arguments in favor of true reform.
George  Blaurock asks one of the Anabaptists to baptize him. When one of the followers argues that rebaptism as an adult is a crime, George emphasizes that it is not a rebaptism, but a first true baptism -- one as an adult made by choice.
And so they came to be known as the Anabaptists -- those who rebaptize -- the ultimate act of treason against those who baptize children (for the sake of taxes).
Wilhelm calls for all adult believers to come forward and  have a true first baptism.
After they are banished from Zurich and the surrounding territories, Wilhelm emphasizes that the truth cannot be silenced and Zurich is their home. They agree to forge ahead with spreading the word of their beliefs.
Wilhelm preaching about freedom and the promise to practice a true faith without fear of persecution.
Wilhelm refuses to baptize a dying infant assuring the mother that his soul is protected by his innocence. Michael and Margaretha have just arrived this town and are attending Wilhelm’s service. The mother begins to cry and runs away from him. On her way out she sees Michael and asks him to baptize the infant, but he also refuses for the same reasons.
The Radicals are rounded up and imprisoned -- all except Wilhelm who has escaped capture. 
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