Michael and Margaretha Sattler
A Sisters and Brothers Production
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Margaretha sort of rolls her eyes at Michael’s admission and says, “As always...”
Michael tells Margaretha that he has been looking outside the church walls and has decided to leave not only the the monastery, but the church too. Margaretha is stunned at first, but then comes to understand Michael’s reasons when he talks about needing to find the peace he is seeking, and knows it can’t be found within the constraints of the church. He asks Margaretha to come away with him and marry him. Margaretha agrees to go with him, and confesses that the steepest price she has had to pay as a nun is not being able to express her love and feelings for him. They talk about going away together -- they don’t know where they will go or what they will do, but as long as they are together they will be happy. They are married and pledge their lives to each other.
Michael finds Margaretha in the woods and tells her he has been doing a lot of thinking about the church.
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