Michael, Margaretha and Wilhelm
A Sisters and Brothers Production
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Michael and Margaretha arrive in their new home where they become weavers. They attend a service where Wilhelm Reublin is preaching and asking adults to come forward to be baptized. A peddler who has seem them asks a local family if they know who they are, but no one does. After the service, Wilhelm approaches Michael and comes to their home where he tells them about the Anabaptist beliefs. Margaretha isn’t so sure about Wilhelm and has more questions for him then he has answers, but they agree to attend another service of his that evening to hear more about what he has to say.
Slideshow Narrative
Wilhelm makes a strong case backing his beliefs and entices Michael to come to a service to hear him preach. Margaretha isn’t so sure about him and has more questions than he has answers. With a glance at Michael, she is warning him to be cautious. As Michael and Margaretha tease each other over their lack of skill as weavers, Margaretha asks Michael if he thinks Wilhelm will mind her coming along to the service with him. Michael encourages her to go. Before they can go, a knock comes at the door, and armored guards take Michael away to an unknown location...
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