Michael and others are arrested
A Sisters and Brothers Production
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Michael is taken away by Zwingli’s guards and imprisoned. Zwingli comes with warm cider and to pay him a visit, asking who he is. When Michael reveals he is the former Prior of St. Peter’s, Zwingli accuses him of leaving with the treasury of the church, but Michael assures him that he left the funds where they belonged. Zwingli asks Michael about his association with Reublin, cautioning Michael that all of the Radicals are outlaws. Michael claims no ties to Reublin stating that he doesn’t know enough about the man or his beliefs to be a follower of his. Zwingli then asks Michael to sign a paper stating that he claims no ties with him, asking if Michael has a problem with that, to which he replies, “Certainly not at present...” Michael is released the following morning, but several Radicals are under arrest, including George Blaurock and several of Reublin’s followers. They are being sentenced to hard labor and bread and water until such time as they renounce their beliefs.
Zwingli brings Michael warm cider to drink while he asks him a few questions.
Michael states that he is not a follower of Reublin’s... at this time. 
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