Conflict  and  Battle
A Sisters and Brothers Production
The Radicals Movie The Radicals  The Movie Gallery 7
Thousands of men ride into battle. The Radicals are afraid their clubs and pitchforks will do little good against the steel swords of the Catholics.
Eberhard Hoffman and his men ride into battle against the Protestants, who are seen as enemies as they have broken with Rome and do not join in their battle against the infidel Turks.
Many are lost on the side of the Protestants and the Radicals both as the battle rages on. The Catholic oppressors appear to have won this battle.
They wait in great numbers to fight for their beliefs.
Marching forward with courage with wooden pitchforks against well armed Catholics on horseback.
Conflict breaks out between the Catholics and the Protestants, and a bitter battle ensues. Wilhelm has led his men in to fight the Catholics, but he takes cover within the trees and behind a snow bank, and does not fight.  
Wilhelm takes cover in the safety of the brush. He watches as his men fall in a bloody battle.
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