Hoffman, the Catholics and the Turks
A Sisters and Brothers Production
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At the baptism of Count and Countess von Zollern’s infant, who is named after Hoffman, Eberhard Hoffman talks about the invading Turks and that he is off to meet with King Ferdinand who is visiting to assess the dire situation. They caution him to be careful.
The concubine arrives by carriage and is received by His Grace. She gives Hoffman a knowing look as he gazes upon her from a window...
Hoffman and others had their concubine, and also had spies who have done their work well, and have led Hoffman and his guards to where Michael and the others are celebrating their new church. They are all arrested and taken to prison to await trial.  
The Peddler who is on the trail of Michael and Margareta Sattler and the other Anabaptists, is a spy for Hoffman. He is turned away by a man protecting them, but manages to report to Hoffman that the Anabaptists are meeting in greater numbers, and gives away their location.
Lord Hoffman assures the von Zollern’s that he will be careful in the battle with the Turks and will keep his head attached.
Ferdinand and Hoffman look upon a village completely destroyed by the Turks.
Hoffman and Ferdinand witness the destruction of entire villages at the hand of the Turks. They proclaim that anyone not willing to take up the sword to defend the territory and the Church shall be charged with treason. They are too late to save a woman calling for help who has been impaled on a stake.
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