I have added a page for Count Joachim von Zollern as played by the late Lynn Mathis. Information is brief as of now, but I will add to this page as I obtain additional information Others secondary characters have now been added: These are Felix Mantz and Conrad Grebel who were associated with Wilhelm Reublin as Radical Reformers. Their pages can be accessed through the drop-down menu or by using the links to the right.
While Eberhard Hoffman is featured prominently in the film, I was originally unable to obtain enough material to produce a quality page for that character.  What I recently discovered after speaking with Myron Augsburger who wrote Pilgrim Aflame, upon which The Radicals film is based, and also with Darryl Wimberley who was one of the screenplay writers, is that Eberhard  Hoffmann was actually a composite character.  A page has now been added for him.
Eberhard Hoffman page
Each historical character page will open as a dedicated feature.This film was written factually using real-life characters, situations and trial transcripts. This section of the website provides an in-depth look at these historical characters, beginning with Michael Sattler. Each historical character page includes a bio of the actor who portrayed them in the film.
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