An area where the Radicals lived   --  and died
Horb am Neckar is a town in the southwest of the of Baden-Wurttenberg district. It is located on the Neckar river, close to Offenberg, to the west. It has around 25,000 inhabitants, of whom about 6,000 live in the main town of Horb, and the remainder in 18 associated villages and districts which form part of the same municipality. Horb lies on the eastern margin of the northern part of the Black Forest just above the confluence of the river Grabenbach with the Neckar. The well- preserved old town, with an ancient castle and castle gardens and a typical market place where the town hall is still located, lies on a ridge overlooking the Neckar. The modern town and its outskirts stretch up the valleys of both rivers. The Neckar river is where Michael Sattler was taken to be burned alive, and where Margaretha and many other Anabaptist women were drowned following his death.  
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Horb am Neckar, Germany
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