The Alsace region is not specifically described in this website, yet the Anabaptists traveled to many towns in this region, and the majority of the film was shot in the Alsace. I am hoping to add a section dedicated to this region in the near future.
The Alsace
Many of the villages and various communities where the Anabaptists traveled and met are still rather small by most population standards today? Schleitheim, for example, still only has a population of 1,700.
Did you know...
A castle belonging to the family von Zollern is located not too far from Rottenberg, Germany.
von Zollern Castle
These are just a few of the towns and  villages where the Anabaptists lived and told others about their beliefs.
A Sisters and Brothers Production
The Radicals Movie The Radicals  The Location
The map above gives a broad perspective of the area in relationship to the rest of Europe, while the one below centers in on a more specific region where the Sattlers and the other Anabaptists lived and practiced their faith. Both of these maps are pop-up images.
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