This scene was filmed in one day in the Jura Mountains in Switzerland with over 700 volunteer extras and more than 30 donated horses. An in-depth look at this scene can be found in the Tribute section. 
The Battle Scene
Many of the major props used in this movie were constructed for no cost by a couple  of volunteer carpenters and craftsmen. They provided the  printing press and even the important camera crane. Many thanks to Josue and Denis Hirschler, who worked with Set Construction Supervisor, Chuy Carrera.
Movie  Trivia
Lots of additional trivia bits, contributions from the cast and crew and behind-the- scenes info is included in the 20th Anniversary Tribute that was created for this movie. Click on The Tribute button above! The Tribute is also available in print! Order information is located within that section.
More trivia in the Tribute
Each gallery section will open in a dedicated page. The galleries are arranged according to character or subject matter in story sequence, with narrative to supplement the movie synopsis.
Each gallery is a collection of movie stills based on a character or a subject.
A Sisters and Brothers Production
The Radicals Movie The Radicals  The Movie Galleries
Gallery 1 - No Infant Baptism Gallery 2 - Michael and Margaretha Before they are Married Gallery 3 - Wilhelm and his Men Become Outlaws Gallery 4 - Michael and Margaretha Agree to Marry and go Away Together Gallery 5 - Michael and Margaretha in their New Home Gallery 6 - Michael and Others are Taken Prisoner by Zwingli Gallery 7 - The Battle Scene Gallery 8 - A New Church -- Meeting in Caves, the “Schleitheim Confession” Gallery 9 - Eberhard Hoffmann, the Turks and the Catholics Gallery 10 - Capture, Trial and Death
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