SIBRO is an acronym for Sisters and Brothers Productions, and was the company formed in France to film and produce this movie. Jo Wenger was the Executive in Charge of Production and Max Wiedmer was the Production Manager. Also seen in this photo is Harry Thompson, Production Designer and Art Director, and Robert A. Nowotny, Producer. The other person is unknown.
Executive Producer -    D. Michael Hostetler Producer -   Robert A. Nowotny Associate Producer -   Liza Vann
The Radicals was a low budget production and could have never been completed if it were not for the countless volunteers that gave of their time and talent so this movie could be made. They sewed costumes, provided horses, built extensive props -- even a complete movie crane -- and all for no pay. The full story on these wonderful people is presented in the tribute book.
Jo Wenger, Robert A. Nowotny and D. Michael Hostetler on the set of The Radicals in France.
Movie Trivia, Production Notes, Anecdotes and more -- thanks to Producer Robert A. Nowotny
A Sisters and Brothers Production
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            One of Producer Robert A. Nowotny’s first comments about this film was              When a Frenchman says, “No problem!” there is always a problem... Robert also said, “Sixteen volunteer cooks traveled with production to feed the cast and crew. They all took vacation time to do this. And, despite the terrific food prepared by the volunteers, the predominately Texas crew was especially thrilled when we had salsa and tortilla chips sent over from the Lone Star State about half-way into principal photography!” The original music by Tim Simonec was performed under his direction by an orchestra of 67 musicians, 45 of which were members of the Indianapolis Symphony. The entire cast and crew remarked on the cold temperatures. Most of the filming was done outdoors in below-freezing weather.
Countess von Zollern’s (Liza Vann) Gown  Costume Designer Maryna Gargonne, worked with the theater and local museum to provide some of the more elaborate costumes and gowns featured in the film. Liza Vann (Countess von Zollern and Associate Producer) is seen here wearing an authentic period piece gown from a local Alsacian museum in Mulhouse. They agreed to let the production team use the gown for one day provided they insured it for $100,000 and that no alternations were made to the gown.  Luckily the gown fit Liza perfectly. The stills of this gown do not do it  justice!  
The Battle Scene The battle scenes were shot in the Jura mountains in three-foot snow drifts, with over 30 horses and 700 extras, all in costumes made especially for The Radicals by volunteers. In terms of overall scope -- manpower, cast, crew, equipment -- officials stated that these scenes were the largest in Swiss cinema history.
French theatrical designer, Maryna Gargonne, designed and coordinated the costumes used in this film. She supervised and worked with the volunteer women from the Alsace and Switzerland. These volunteers produced these elaborate costumes for no pay because they wanted to be part of this production -- one which they believed had great substance.
The Props Josue Hirschler was one of the volunteer carpenters who worked on the various period piece items that were used in the movie, such as the printing press. A very talented craftsman, Chuy Carrerra, who was the Set Construction Supervisor for this movie, and who is the brother of Director Raul Carerra, made a working weaving loom -- and did it faster than he could down two six-packs, according to producer Robert A. Nowotny!
The Trial Scene  Screenplay writer Joel Kauffmann said that the courtroom scene is pretty much verbatim from the recorded account in the Martyrs Mirror, a book that has been around since 1660. New information also came from a research book published shortly before The Radicals that brought much new info into light about Michael Sattler and the Radical Reformation, one tidbit of which was the revelation of Michael’s wife’s name and background for the first time:  Margaretha.  
The Impaled Woman   Renee Lecuyer is seen here with Producer Robert A. Nowotny between shots. Renee played the impaled woman who was found by Eberhard Hoffmann and King Ferdinand as they were surveying all of the damage and destruction done by the Turks.
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Thanks to Producer Robert A. Nowotny for providing many of the  movie stills and images used on this page. Check out his movie review site -- NeedToVent. Along with many others, The Radicals is one of his featured movies.
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