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Rottenburg am Neckar is a medium-sized town in the administrative district of Baden-Wurttenberg, Germany. Rottenburg was originally founded as a Roman town, Sumelocenna, somewhere around the year 98. It was one of the most important Roman towns in southwest Germany. It had a line of walls built to defend it from attacks, however, the Alamanni destroyed it around 259. The name Rottenburg is thought to be derived from a Germanic root that is also present in the English word 'rotten', or 'destroyed'. According to this hypothesis, the town would have received its name when, in the early Middle Ages, Alemannic people founded their settlement in the vicinity of the ruins of Roman Sumelocenna. Rottenburg became the seat of a Catholic bishop as late as 1821-28, when, after the secularization and the Napoleonic wars, a reorganization of Catholic life in southwest Germany had become necessary. It was selected over the more important nearby places of Stuttgart or Tübingen as a diocesan town, as these were largely Protestant. The Sattler Memorial Park is located on B28 road on the east edge of town. The stone reads:                                    "1527 / Michael and Margaretha Sattler / They died for their faith" LLook  
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Rottenberg am Neckar, Germany
Look at the aura above the stone. Isn’t that amazing?
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