Where Michael and Wilhelm met with Reformation Leaders
Strasbourg is the capital and a principal city in the Alsace Region in north- eastern France, located close to the German border. Strasbourg is the ultimate European city. It has flavors of both France and Germany, and sits right on the border of the two countries. It's picturesque "la Petite France" area looks like something straight out of a fairy tale book, as it is a riverfront neighborhood with timbered buildings accented by colorful flower boxes. Strasbourg is the home of the European Parliament. This cosmopolitan destination hosts France's oldest Christmas market and features a stunning cathedral. The Strasbourg Cathedral is one of Europe's most beautiful example of gothic architecture. The beautiful pink sandstone facade is quite unique and breathtaking. Strasbourg has often changed hands between the French and Germans over the centuries. It has been said that it can be hard to discern which country you are in while visiting. Street signs and other signs are in both languages. Beer and wine are both tremendously popular. It's common to find dishes like sauerkraut, but spelled in French ("choucroute"). The architecture is distinctly German, yet the Ill River winds a Venice-like path through the city, and plays host to many cruise tours of the city. The Black Forest and the legendary Rhine River are just at or beyond the city's edge. There are also several wonderful daytrips from here into France's Alsace Region or Germany.  
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Strasbourg, Alsace Region, France
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