Wilhelm Reublin was a man who left the Catholic church in order to start a reform movement. He wanted to create what he thought would be a true church that did not believe in the baptism of infants, only adults, since Jesus never baptised children. The Catholics did not agree with this as an infant unbaptized was an infant untaxed.   His reform began while Michael Sattler, a monk in the Catholic church, collected taxes from the peasants he had taxed until there was nothing more to take. The Catholic church in the region was controlled by Eberhard Hoffman, a powerful man who kept demanding that Michael collect more from them even if it meant leaving them with nothing.   Ulrich Zwingli, the leader of the Protestant territory in Zurich, was believed to be an ally of Reublin’s who would help with the restoration of the church. Instead, he and Wilhelm argue over infant baptism. Zwingli states he cannot go along with his idea, and Wilhelm and his followers, including a monk by the name of George Blaurock, are banished.
A Sisters and Brothers Production
The Radicals Movie The Radicals  The Movie Synopsis 1  Michael Sattler confronts Hoffman over why he had to put the printer to death.
Norbert Weisser as Michael Sattler  Michael listens to Wilhelm as he talks about his beliefs and asks that Michael join his church.  
Margaretha while she is still a nun within her order. Michael is upset at having to tax the peasants so heavily. Michael and Margaretha share a kiss during a playful moment. Jerry Nelson as George Blaurock, a follower of Wilhelm's. The concubine, implied that she is in town to visit Hoffman. Wilhelm and others meet with Zwingli. Eberhard Hoffman is upset that Michael hasn't collected more taxes from the peasants.
Michael is too late to save the printer who has distributed religious tracks stating “The truth shall set you free” from being burned alive by Hoffman and his men. Michael argues that the track is truth, Hoffman states that it is heresy and treason. He had the printer tied to his printing press and burned alive.
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