The Making of the Radicals - a Tribute to Spiritual Martyrs Michael and Margaretha Sattler
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The Making of The Radicals A Tribute to Spiritual Martyrs Michael and Margaretha Sattler Authored by Jane M Dahl Contributions by Robert A Nowotny, Norbert Weisser The Making of the Radicals is a full color photo journal based on an award winning film. The Radicals is a 1990 movie that still has a wide following more than twenty years after its release. It is based on the true story of spiritual martyrs Michael and Margaretha Sattler who were put to death by the Catholic Church in 1527 because of their beliefs. They shared a deep love and had the inner courage to follow those beliefs knowing they could die for them. It is believed to be the only full-length theatrical release film about the Protestant and Radical Reformation Period of the 1500s. Michael and Margaretha Sattler were Anabaptists who lived in the time of the Protestant Reformation. They were considered heretics by the Catholic Church and outlaws by the Protestants. Even though they had to preach their message in barns and caves to avoid detection, they managed to thrive. This photo journal explores the film, the actual historical characters from this period and the spiritual movement they believed in, along with the history and geography in the beautiful regions in the Alsace, France, Western Germany and Switzerland where they lived. This photo journal also contains the complete content of a work that was published in honor of the 20th Anniversary of the film: "The Radicals Tribute: Commemorating 20 Years." This full color volume contains images from the film, a story synopsis, behind-the-scenes stories and photos from the actors and crew as they fondly remember their time making the film, and a tribute to Mark Lenard, who played Eberhard Hoffman in this movie. While widely known for playing Spock's father in the Star Trek films, Mark had a wide and varied film and stage career outside of the Star Trek world. The Radicals Tribute section of this book also shows the beautiful and colorful costumes that were sewn by volunteers in Switzerland and France for no pay. They created beautiful gowns and also colorful tunics and leggings for over 700 extras that were part of a beautifully choreographed battle scene between the two religious factions. Part of this photo journal is based upon material from this website.
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