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Count Joachim von Zollern. The von Zollern family can be traced back to its roots beginning around the start of the 11th century, and is also known as The  House of Hohenzollern -- it is a noble family and a royal dynasty of electors, kings and emperors of Prussia, Germany and Romania. It originated around the town of Hechingen in Swabia.  The family split into two branches, the Catholic Swabian branch and the Protestant Franconian branch. The Swabian branch ruled the area of Hechingen until their eventual extinction in 1869. It is this branch that Count Joachim von Zollern descended from. In the movie The Radicals, his wife is known by both of her titles -- that of the Countess of Hechingem and Countess Ursula von Zollern, as played by the Associate Producer of this film, Liza Vann. Not much is known of Count Joachim von Zollern or his wife specifically -- there are vast genealogy records available on this family. Additionally, there is endless information about many of the other rulers in this family, but specific information on the correct Joachim von Zollern is hard to discern because there are at least three that I could find from around the same time period as Michael Sattler’s trial. What I have included here is his character as described in the trial transcripts. Count von Zollern was known as an indolent man, and was a regent of Archduke Ferdinand, who was widely known as a militant Catholic. When Ferdinand had Michael Sattler arrested, it was Count von Zollern who insisted on conducting at least some semblance of a trial rather than having all of the Anabaptists drowned immediately as Ferdinand originally wanted. Count von Zollern led the trial, and was assisted by at least twenty other court members sitting at his side as a panel. He appointed Eberhard Hoffman, Town Clerk of Ensisheim and Jodokus Gundersheim, City Secretary of Neuenburg, to act as the actual trial attorneys. With Archduke Ferdinand in ultimate control of von Zollern, Michael Sattler could not have received any other verdict than a guilty one. The Countess of Hechingem did in fact go to an imprisoned Margaretha Sattler, as depiected in the film, to offer her freedom if she would renounce her beliefs, but Margaretha stayed true to her beliefs and to Michael, and accepted her fate, which was to be drowned in the river Neckar three days after Michael was tortured and put to death.
Lynn Mathis
Count Joachim von Zollern
Lynn Mathis         1953 - 2003         Lynn Mathis was an accomplished actor from the Dallas area. While he had a few television and film credits to his name, such as the PBS series Wishbone, as well as a recurring role in Walker,  Texas Ranger, he was known more for his work in theater, especially in Dallas  cultural venues, his voice work and the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. Lynn won the 1994 Leon Rabin award for his performance in Waiting for Godot. Lynn was well loved and respected by his fellow actors, many of them saying that he made this world a little brighter. Lynn himself said, “There are no small roles, just small actors.”  Rest in Peace, Lynn.
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